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BreakingPoint Test and Simulation Devices

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Control global threat intelligence at Internet-scale to create massive-scale, high fidelity simulation and testing conditions for battle-testing infrastructures, devices, applications, and people.

The BreakingPoint FireStorm is the industry's only solution capable of creating blended application traffic and current security attacks at 120 Gigabits per second (Gbps) with the load of 90 million concurrent wired and wireless users

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The BreakingPoint FireStorm™ takes performance and realism to an unsurpassed level. With the ability to capture current global threats and applications and control them at Internet-scale, the BreakingPoint FireStorm allows you to subject the world's largest infrastructures to high fidelity simulations in order to harden and optimize your devices, systems, applications, and people.

The BreakingPoint Storm™ captures and controls global threat and application intelligence for cost-effective simulation and testing of IT infrastructures. The compact 3-slot BreakingPoint Storm™ creates real-world, high-stress conditions and user behavior to provide organizations the insight to battle-test IT infrastructures, train cyber warriors, tune systems and policies, and transform security processes to be proactive and effective.

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The BreakingPoint FireStorm ONE™ is a portable and ultra-compact massive-scale performance and security testing solution. This unique combination of portability and performance allows any organization to perform massive-scale performance and security testing anywhere at any time, using the exact application, attack and load behavior needed to optimize and harden any IT infrastructure.

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