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TestPort line of hand-held Ethernet test equipment provides breakthroughs in performance, testing capabilities, and pricing.


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TestPort Portable Ethernet Tester Product Line Overview

The TestPort line of handheld Ethernet protocol test tools represents the state-of-the-art test equipment for telecom backhaul networks.  It's protocol support includes Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), Sychronous Ethernet (SyncE), and E1.   Testing applications include protocols analysis, traffic generation, and impairment testing.

TestPort Handheld Ethernet Protocol Analyzer

This test system includes an embedded tap with triggers and programmable filter allowing capture in real-time to an optional internal disk, or exported via a tap port out onto a LAN.

The test system includes analysis at speeds up to 1,000 Mbps at full linespeed

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TestPort Handheld Ethernet Traffic Generator

The TestPort Ethernet Traffic Generator is a Gigabit tester equipped with all the standard field tester features, plus RFC2544, Y.1564, QoS, SLA verification, and Multiplay and IP service tests.

The test system includes traffic generation and analysis at speeds up to 1,000 Mbps at full linespeed.

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TestPort Handheld Multifunction Ethernet Tester

TestPort Multi-Function Tester works with legacy, present and future networks with support for the most common transmission technologies GbE/E1 and new generation protocols based on SyncE/PTP. No need for multiple test sets or additional modules. Just one hand-held unit supports the installation and maintenance of transmission and synchronization networks. 

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TestPort Handheld Ethernet Impairment Tester

TestPort Ethernet Impairment Tester enables engineers to model and modify arbitrary performance dynamics including packet delay, jitter, bandwidth limitations, congestion, packet loss, errors and duplication on live IP packets at speeds up to 1,000 Mbps at full linespeed.

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